Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh it's on...

It was canceled.... then it was uncanceled... there were (and still are) rumors that it could go either way... but I assure you people the LA Art Walk is going strong. You know I think people would have been there if it was canceled or not, cause that's how much the City of Angels loves their art. Ok, that statement may have been a bit cheesy, but I do think everyone would have shown up for all the booze and possibly the food trucks.

It was fun and I had a bunch of friends come to hang with me and check out my painting.

There's impromptu galleries and small market places in a bunch of the old buildings downtown. Going through all the old buildings in LA is amazing...beautiful ballrooms in old hotels and art installations in the vault of the old bank building.

Most of the pics were taken by my good friend Ulises: designer, pilot and professional iphone photographer.

We started off the night at the Grilled Cheese food truck,
all I can say is... OMG YUM!!!!! Mac N Cheese grilled cheese
w/BBQ pulled pork and caramelized onions.... SERIOUSLY!
I say it again.... YUM!
Stained glass on the ceiling of an old ballroom. A marketplace
was set-up with some artists selling their work.
Me with my painting.
Super cool light up bottle I bought at the Art Walk.
I put it in my art room. Makes me happy. :-)

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