Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why I do what I do.

This weekend I need to write my artists statement. It's something that I need to do to help me better describe my work and why I create it. I already have one, but I don't feel like it describes me or my work anymore. So here I am, changing it up... moving forward and digging deeper.

So this week I thought I would explore some questions that might help me with writing the statement this weekend.

First question: What is the subject and style I choose and why?

My favorite subject to draw, paint or sculpt? People. Mostly portraits. I really believe the eyes are the window to the soul... and when I can capture a glimpse into that window and capture the subjects expression, I get a rush of satisfaction.

The ultimate payoff is if the viewer can identify and feel the mood of the subject through the facial expression.

"The Jock," one of my first portraits in high school. 

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